Family and community conflict mediator.

I work with people who are in a situation of conflict to help them find their own way out. Conflict, may be between family members or between two or more neighbours in the e of community mediation.

This situation of malaise can be recognized and shared by both or more parts involved in it or just by one of them; in any case, this does not constitute an impediment to the start of the mediation process.

In the further information, you may find more specificities on what the conflicts in which I intervene are, what mediation is and my way of working.


The reasons of a conflict, for which you can require a mediation, are the most diverse. As far as community mediation is concerned, there are often diatribes concerning unwanted noise and the use of common spaces, while, more closely linked to the family field of intervention, issues can be found concerning the education of children, separations with or without depending children, the care of family members, etc. In general, mediation is useful in all those cases where the involved parts cannot find an agreement that arises from their real needs.

The definitions of mediation are multiple and sometimes complex. I explain it as the possibility of restoring a relationship where something is broken, very often trust, feelings of being respected and recognized. This happens thanks to the intervention of a third party, the mediator precisely, who helps the parties involved to find their own solution, in a perspective of neutrality and dialogue, in which everyone will have the chance to be equally listened.

Conflict mediation is an alternative method to the traditional judicial system, characterized by the logic of differentiation, in which a super partes judge decides who “wins”. Mediation’s ultimate aim is the management of the conflict through the creation of “common ground”, a place for the reconstruction of the connection that favours the mutual understanding and listening. Its profound humanistic dimension allows the expression and acceptance of the pain and suffering associated with the conflict, without, however, posing as a psychological therapy.

Usually I work by establishing a number of sessions in advance, followed by follow-ups later on.


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